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Things to do around Patan

If you have more than just a few hours to spare, a good one day trip around the city should be on your list. This ancient town is surrounded by many other ancient towns in the outskirts that not only provide a major rural vibe a few kilometers away from the capital but also has an amazing view of the city and hiking or cycling trails. Here are a few places you can go for a day trip:

  • Hike or bike around Phulchowki

Phulchowki is one of the major hilltops surrounding the valley. A day trip hike to the top of Phulchowki will take you up to around 2791 meters that will give you a panorama view of the valley. Since the hill is located in the southeast part of the valley, you will also get the view of snow-covered peaks when the weather is clear.

  • Visit Bungamati and other towns

While Patan was the ancient kingdom, there were many states that surrounded it. From Bungamati where Bundyo, the indigenous god of rain lives for six months to Chapagaun, where the ancient temple of Bajrabarahi is located, make a plan for a tour around these small towns where people still live in the traditional times.

  • Spend your time at Godawari Botanical Garden

Godawari Botanical Garden is the best place to get lost in nature, surrounding yourself with the medicinal plants of the country. Arrange a picnic with your friends and spend quiet time reading books or exploring the garden and chasing butterflies. If you think you will have more time, book a tour in ICIMOD’s knowledge park.

  • Visit the other UNESCO heritage sites of the valley

Kathmandu Valley is listed on the UNESCO’s World Heritage Sites for its ancient Durbar Squares and other monuments. Take a spiritual road by visiting Swayambhunath or Boudha and Pashupati or visit the other two Durbar Squares in Bhaktapur and Kathmandu and come back to the one in Patan to compare and contemplate. Come back to the hotel to recall your experiences.