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Kathmandu Top Sights

Whether you’re on holidays, or on a business trip, Kathmandu is a stopover place for almost every traveler in Nepal. It may seem chaotic and crowded when you land in Kathmandu, but it has a lot to offer and in just two or three days there are a few top sights you shouldn’t miss.

Traditional Stay offers a great deal, three nights accommodation and two days sightseeing, which will give you enough time to visit the most precious areas in the city, and learn about the Nepali culture and its architecture.

I would recommend to wake up early, you won’t only avoid some crowd and tourist, but you’ll also get the dawn light and the clearer skies.

If you do so, best is to head to Swayambhunath Stupa, around 30min drive from the hotel.

This ancient religious complex of temples, also known as the Monkey Temple, is located on the top of a hill, and the 360 view from Swayambhunath is maybe the best of the whole Kathmandu, and Kathmandu Valley.Besides the view, you can see Sleeping Buddha, Dewa Dharma Monastery, Haarati Temple and the huge gold dome.

Kathmandu Durbar Square can be visited any time of the day. This majestic square, UNESCO World Heritage Sites, offers incredible wood carvings, palaces, terraced structures, and temples. Walking around the heart of the capital will immerse you in the Nepali culture.

A similar visit could be to Patan Durbar Square , also a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Pashupatinath Temple, this sacred Hindu temple & cremation site on the Bagmati riverbank, one of the most important religious sites in Asia. To me this is one of the most breathtaking places, taking a tour guide, to understand everything about the temple and the cremation traditions is must.

And lastly, Boudhanath Stupa is the greatest site to visit at Sunset. This stupa with its massive dome will shine more and more as the sun goes down, so be ready to take a walk around it multiple times, and recharge all your energy. Once done that, enjoy one of the multiple cafe rooftop terraces that are around it, which will show you the big dome from a totally different angle.
Kathmandu top sites, Traditional Comfort Blog post. Collaboration October 2017. Javi Lorbada
Bhaktapur Durbar Square. Photo: Javi Lorbada

As a bonus, if you have an extra day, do not miss Bhaktapur, another UNESCO World Heritage Sites, and a home historical monuments, craft work and high temples finished in Pagoda style.

If you wish to visit these sites, just ask at reception or contact us.