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About Us

Traditional Stay

Where traditional ambience meets modern comfort

Patan, also known as Lalitpur, which literally translates into the city of arts, is one of the three ancient kingdoms of Kathmandu Valley known for its skilled metal craftsmanship, artistic houses, and urban planning reflecting the layback lifestyle of its people. Inspired by the very city is calls home, Traditional Stay mirrors the aesthetics of Patan while providing you with modern comfort, the moment you’d enter.

You will come across the open restaurant serving a blend of local and western cuisine that joins the two buildings of the hotel. The design of the hotel is inspired by the modern Newa houses, from the Rana and Shah time period. During this era, the Newar artisans and builders started introducing the European style to their local architecture after the rulers adopted the former ones. From the white plaster to the sculptures to the windows with shutters, these elements quickly gathered popularity. Few of these elements like the window shutters can be seen in the design of Traditional Stay, blending perfectly with its surroundings at the Swotha Square of Patan.

There are small cozy verandas that will give you a space for some private time while watching the people pass by. For a larger cityscape, the rooftop provides an amazing view of Kathmandu’s sky. A small corner for you to get the Kathmandu experience is also on the ground floor. This library nook has the view of the chowk, letting you interact with the local life of Swotha.

Swotha Square is one of the most popular areas for both locals and foreigners because of its close vicinity to Mangalbazaar, the Durbar Square where the famous Krishna Temple and Patan Durbar (now home to Patan Museum) are located. Swotha itself boasts of a Krishna Temple built by one of the sons of King Siddhi Narsingh Malla (who built the temple in Durbar Square), Swotha Narayan Temple dedicated to Lord Vishnu and now destroyed Radha Krishna Temple. The square is the perfect area to enjoy the Kathmandu life minus the noise of the motors.









Why Traditional Stay?

Located in an older part of Patan, Traditional Stay provides the perfect blend of modern living with ancient ambiance. A part of Royal Mountain Travel’s effort in providing the heritage living, the hotel encompasses 25 years of experience in tourism from its founders. Situated at the heart of a living museum, the hotel gives you an opportunity of interacting with the cultural heritage in every moment during your stay with us. We are environmentally conscious hotel supporting local heritage and arts, not just as a cause but also in our everyday practice. Here are 6 reasons why you should choose to stay with us:

Reflecting heritage

Reflecting heritage

Our hotel building is a classic reflection of neo-Newar architecture. From the shutter windows to brick facade to the ceiling, everything are reflections of what Patan, our home town is and its heritage.

Handcrafted by Local Artisans

Handcrafted by Local Artisans

Just like the building structure, our furniture also reflect the Patan’s heritage. Each of the furniture piece from beds to chairs are handcrafted by local artisans who have learnt the craft from their forefathers.

Supporting Single Mothers

Supporting Single Mothers

We also single mother foundation called Kiran Namaste, who have produced the linen for our beds. All of the linens, again are handmade by the foundation, and are made up of local fabrics that are still used by the local Newars.

Women Empowerment

Women Empowerment

Our support for women does not only .. to the support of Kiran Namaste. As a gender equality believing organization, we have made sure we imply the belief in everyday of our life. Hence, you will find 50% of our staff to be women in various levels.

Prohibition of single use Plastic

Prohibition of single use Plastic

Going local, ie, using local resources, skills and art, is a great way to reduce the carbon footprint. Another great way to be eco-friendly? Prohibition of Single Use Plastic. ALl our rooms have Glass Water Bottle which you can borrow for your day out.

Energy Efficient

Energy Efficient

Going along the lines to be eco-friendly, you will also find your bedrooms to be lit with LED Lamps which are powered with Solar Power so that we become more energy efficient.

We stayed in this brand new hotel which is situated at a perfect, quiet spot a few steps away from Patan Durbar square with many rooftop restaurants. The staff was very friendly and helpful; the rooms were fine with perfect beds and a nice (rain) shower. The excellent breakfast and dinner were cooked by a chef who worked for several years abroad, and were served with a smile. This hotel can definitely be recommended for those who want to stay for one or more nights in Patan

By Frode Gimm

Traditional Stay far exceeded my expectations! The staff is lovely and goes out of their way to make your stay comfortable, personalized, and inviting! The entire hotel has unique Nepali charm in every detail. We were lucky enough to sample some of the restaurant's menu while we were here, and it was great! Go for the momo's and the paneer satay! Thanks for a wonderful stay. Will be back!

By Hannah

Traditionally beautiful, warm, and cozy hospitality. I enjoyed the design of the hotel, comfortable beds, matter of fact - nice reading room;much peaceful environment, inside a hotel, to grab and enjoy the book, and FAST Wifi 🙂 I see it is a new boutique hotel, I am sure further improvements are on its way. All the best and thank you, Traditional Comfort, for the memorable hospitality.

By Amelia Leopold