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Exploring Patan

Although a small city, Patan has numerous activities to keep you busy throughout the day. As an ancient city thriving on arts and crafts, Patan offers many opportunities to learn new skills and get involved with the local life. Here is a list of few activities you might want to try before you leave this beautiful city.

  • Experiencing traditional cuisine with food tours

The two traditional foodie experiences provided by Royal Mountain Travel & Community Home Stay will blow your mind away. From experiencing the traditional Newar feast of Suku Bhwey at Bhinchhe Bahal to enjoying a proper Newar snack of the lentil patty, Wo:, spiced meat, choela, and stir-fried black soybeans, musya with the local liquor aila. Contact RMT or CHN here.

  • Witnessing a unique ritual in Kwabahal

Hiranya Varna Mahavihar, also known popularly as Golden Temple for its golden facade and Kwabaha: locally, has unique rituals taking place throughout the day. You can find the local Bajracharya priests reading the ancient Pragya Parimita Scriptures in the morning throughout the year except for a month in the leap year when the scriptures are restored. Similarly, you will find that the two young boys from the Nagbahal community are selected as priests every month where they perform various rituals throughout the day in the interval of 3 hours, starting from 6 am. 

  • Exploring Street Art in the alleys

    Patan is known as the city of arts. You will find traditional arts in every alley and courtyards of the city like metal crafts and architecture. The young artists and art collectives of the city are also turning the area into a wonderful hub of the street art. You can find murals of international artists as well as locals who have already carved their names in the international markets including H11235, Sadhu X and macha_73.
  • Watching the world pass by with locals

Ever wondered how the retired old men of Patan passed their time? Although modernization has gripped the city, the old laidback style can still be traced around the alleys and squares. Find yourself a good spot in a traditional resthouse called falcha or the popular Patan Musuem’s gate and watch the world passing by with the locals.

After an explorative day around Patan, spend your evening drinking and contemplating either in the cozy nook of the hotel or in the balcony. Or if you want more quieter time, your room itself is a good idea too.